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There are four key product lines in the XMPie family, each designed to deliver next-level value to you and your customers.

1 . DATA-DRIVEN PRINT (VDP) The business was born from a need for print shops to do more with variable data to create a relevant and engaging personalised print that motivates recipients to respond. By handling an unlimited number of fields within each record, by enabling variable images, by giving document designers the freedom to create within the rich environment of Adobe® Creative Suite®, XMPie created value.

2. WEB-TO-PRINT (W2P) A high-demand, high-return offering that makes it easy for customers to keep coming back. Our W2P solutions increase automation and profitability on every job.

3. CROSS-MEDIA Why limit yourself to print-only when you’re really in the business of communications. With XMPie cross-media solutions you can push omnichannel communications to the limits. The XMPie architecture uniquely employs a modular approach where data and business rules are shared across multiple channels. Whether a campaign consists of print alone or a combination of print and digital media—with XMPie, data is always synchronized across all the channels enabling a truly holistic brand experience.

4. CAMPAIGN AUTOMATION Nurture leads and automates communications through triggers based on scheduling, profile data, or recipient behavior. 5 Here’s why print shops, large and small, choose XMPie to grow.

Now more than ever, your print shop needs to be ready for the challenges of today’s omnichannel communications. Whether you are looking to power up your personalisation or streamline and automate operations for increased volume and productivity — Xerox has the software tools to help you thrive.

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